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Duo Reine

a harp and voice duo

Duo Reine--meaning "Queen"---was formed in 2016 by acclaimed harpist Judy Ho and soprano Jessica Ng from Hong Kong. The two became friends while performing for The Sound of Art concert series in 2014 at the Hong Kong Art Museum, and have continued to perform together since.  

Judy and Jessica share a  deep love for the immediacy and intimacy of salon culture, and a passion for theatrical storytelling. This led to their first creative collaboration Let Them Eat Cake : a jewel box concert based on the life and music of the French Queen Marie-Antoinette. They have since gone on to explore a variety of styles, ranging from gems of the Belle Epoque to Negro spirituals, to contemporary sound installations.


​In 2017, Duo Reine reprised their Let Them Eat Cake at the Hong Kong Comix Base as part of the French May Festival. They then went on to perform In/Between, a semi-staged song cycle for soprano and harp, which was featured in both the Aardklop Festival in South Africa and the World Harp Congress in Hong Kong. 


Duo Reine have since performed regularly as part of Champion Tower's Friday Music series.

Their next concert--with music based on the works of Jane Austen--  will be presented at the Helena May, Hong Kong.  Check back for more information!

Photo credit: Franklin Lau 2016

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